We love weddings.

We love weddings. We love events. But most of all, we love to make one of a kind experience. Not just the details nor the overall look, but most importantly the concept. The story telling. At Wedding Factories, from event planning and design to the actual productions, we provide them all.

We don’t like mediocre works. We don’t like to copy designs that’s been done. Our philosophy is simply, if it’s been done, it’s someone else’s experience. It’s not yours. We want to make your event, your wedding day, become truly yours. Your own idea and story with our one of a kind design and production. 

If you like our works, please give us a call. We love to meet you and to hear your story. We love to hear your idea for your day. There's no event too small for us. If you could dream your day, together we will make it happens.


Jacob Atmodjojo, creative director.


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