Jacob Galleries is a Fine Art, Portrait and Wedding photography studio in Los Angeles, CA run by photographer and creative director Jacob Atmodjojo.

In addition to photography, Jacob Galleries also provides limited video works per year. My associates and I, we strive to make a perfect match with our clients. We believe in making historical art pieces through our photography and video works for our brides and grooms that will inspire and inthrall, not digital images to be kept in a computer and never reach their potential to be art. We challenge and embrace the artistic of story telling, and not just a typical linear timeline way of typical wedding videography works.

We work with many different mediums, but regardless, we are a story teller. From super 8mm film camera to the latest DSLR system, the goal is one: to tell your story through our lenses and our eyes.

We are looking for couples searching for a more artistic approach to wedding photography and video who will set us free to give our interpretation of their day. Let us, the artists, do our works, and we promise the magic can happen.

Please visit our site if you would like to see more of our works: |

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